Weekly Report: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Investiture of The Prince of Wales & Cheltenham Festival.


On March 5th, The Duchess of Cornwall accompanied by The Prince of Wales, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, attended a reception given by The Queen to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Investiture of  Prince Charles as Prince of Wales, at Buckingham Palace. The investiture happened at Caernarfon Castle in 1969.

The reception was followed by a concert and a homily from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who reflected on Prince Charles’ original oath before the Sovereign and the people, saying: “Never in the history of the role can there have been such dedicated service, such honourable fulfilling of the promise at the Investiture, “I, Charles, Prince of Wales, do become your liegeman of life and limb … to live and die against all manner of folks.”


Talking about the Prince of Wales motto Ich Dien (I Serve), The Archbishop also said: “This Prince of Wales has guarded the sacred duty of service and kept the fire not only alight but burning more brightly with the passing years. When you are second in the land, to serve is not automatic; human nature relishes leisure and privilege; serving requires discipline.”

For his investiture, Prince Charles was presented with an entirely new and original centrepiece made by The Goldsmith’s Company. The coronet combined ermine and ancient emblems with the very latest in contemporary jewellery design and it’s crowned with an orb and embellished with Charles’ star sign (Scorpio) laid out in 13 diamonds.

For the event, The Duchess of Cornwall wore the Prince of Wales feathers brooch, wearing it for the first time at the film premiere of “The History Boys” in 2006. The brooch was a wedding gift to Princess Alexandra of Denmark from the “Ladies of Bristol” when she married the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, in 1863.


On March 6, The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales attended a reception and dinner at the Embassy of Ireland to celebrate UK-Irish relations and St. Patrick’s Day.

During the reception, Charles and Camilla met important members of the Irish government, such as the deputy Prime Minister, Simon Coveney, the cabinet office minister David Lidington, as well as guests from across British and Irish communities, including Sir Kenneth Branagh, Fiona Shaw, Dara O’Briain. The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have visited Ireland almost annually since 2014.

In his speech, The Prince said: “Above all we are friends, we are partners and we are the closest of near neighbours, bound together by everything that we have in common – and by just how far we have come together.  If I may say so ladies and gentlemen, this is precisely why it has been of such importance to both my wife and myself that we too should visit Ireland so often over these past few years – to experience and celebrate as best we can the unparalleled bonds between our two countries and to highlight just what a fundamental difference they make to us all. And I must say I’m slightly amazed to find that we’ve managed to visit 15 counties already. I am quite determined before I drop dead and finally lose my marbles that I should get around to the remaining 17. And so, as our relationship evolves over the coming months and years, I have both the faith and the hope that the essential friendship between the people of Ireland and the people of the United Kingdom will not only endure but will renew itself for generations to come.”

gettyimages-1129090792-1024x1024 (1)

On March 7, which is World Book Day, The Duchess of Cornwall celebrated books and reading with children from Avondale Park School in Notting Hill.

During the visit to the school, The Duchess read the opening section of Lauren Child’s book, “Hubert Horatio: A Very Fishy Tale in the school library”, to the school pupils. Camilla also told the kids that: “I’ve had a lovely time upstairs reading with some of the reading stars and they even made me read a bit of the book myself – very, very impressive.  I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I do. I spend a lot time reading now I have grandchildren, probably the same age as some of you here, so I get to know all the books. The best thing you can possibly do is to read – if I could give you any advice I would just say, ‘keep on reading and you’ll go a long way.”

After, Camilla attended an assembly where The Headteacher of the school, Katy Blackler, said that the children were excited and proud to have The Duchess of Cornwall in their school, adding that “It’s lovely that today she’s also promoted reading. I think in our world of lots of computers and iPads and phones it’s quite a challenge sometimes as they can seem more appealing, and what we want is for the children to read.”


Later in the day, Camilla hosted a reception at Clarence House with over 100 inspirational women from across the world to celebrate the Women of the World (WOW) Festival. During the event, The Duchess met Edward Enninful, who is the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, Cherie Blair and Charlotte Church as she held the event as part of her role as President of the Southbank Centre’s Women of the World.

In her empowering speech, Camilla honoured the organization’s founder Jude Kelly, also present at the reception, saying: “I always enjoy hearing your stories: stories of what WOW has meant to you; of your achievements; of the obstacles you have overcome; and of those you continue to face. Jude has been telling stories throughout her life. Today, the stories she tells are the challenges facing women worldwide, helping us to think what a better world for us might look like and how it might be attained. From these stories grow conversation, debate and, most importantly, action. Over the last nine years, WOW has held 65 festivals in 15 countries, reaching over 2 million people.”

“As we know, these festivals are both a joyous celebration of women and girls across the globe, and, at the same time, a frank examination of the issues that prevent them from achieving their potential. Women need to say, ‘I’ve got one life, I’ve been given life, it has been breathed into me and here I am and I should use it for the best possible purpose’ – whatever each woman herself defines that to be.”

Among the guests was Mary Portas, who talked about The Duchess saying: “This is not a lip service, that’s what I think is important. She genuinely believes in this, as does Charles and that’s what I love. This female power and making change happen can be done by men too.”


On March 11, The Duchess attended, accompanied by The Prince of Wales and other member of the Royal Family, a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. The service theme was “A Connected Commonwealth”, which highlights the cooperation between the culturally diverse family of nations who work together in friendship.

The Commonwealth represents 53 countries and almost 2.4 billion people and in 2019, the service has a special significance as the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth, enabling cooperation towards social, political and economic development.


Later in the day, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attended a Commonwealth Day reception at Marlborough House, the home of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

During the reception, The Prince of Wales greeted Baroness Patricia Scotland with a warm handshake and kiss on both cheeks. He was also pictured sharing a joke with former Prime Minister John Major.

For the event, The Duchess wore beautiful and big amethyst earrings that she has been worn occasionally in the last years. The earliest event Camilla was spotted wearing these earrings was on December 2006.


On March 13, The Duchess of Cornwall, who is an Honorary Member of the Jockey Club since 2015, attended the second day, Ladies Day, of the Cheltenham Racecourse Festival to present the trophy to the winning owner, jockey and trainer of The Queen Mother’ Champion Steeple Chase. The Duchess was joined by The Princess Royal and Zara and Mike Tindall.

The event was nearly cancelled due to the bad weather, but luckly the forecast improved and the event happened as planned. A statement reads: “Racing at Cheltenham today will go ahead following a precautionary inspection. The strength of the winds has now moderated on the forecast allowing Simon Claisse, clerk of the course, to give the green light early in order to provide certainty to racegoers and participants before many journeys begin.”







2 thoughts on “Weekly Report: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Investiture of The Prince of Wales & Cheltenham Festival.

  1. I did enjoy this page. I absolutely agree that children should be encouraged to read. My daughter was funny she would read a book and chase it all over the chair under and around it absolutely delightful. It helped when she felt alone and wanted someone to constantly answer her questions but as we teach our children in particular our daughters that some things a best left unsaid. A book then becomes a source of wonderment an adventure where she began to seek out experiences with the help of her imagination to develop whole sentences as if she were forming a conversation she might like to have. No one deserves my attention more now days.


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